Stephen Waller
Stephen Waller



Client: Canonical
Agency: The Team
Role: Design, Illustration, Animation

A series of projects for Canonical's Ubuntu operating system. Ubuntu is a free linux based operating system, created with the intention of holding its own both functionally and stylistically against Microsoft and Apple's market leaders. To that end, they've created a friendly and unique public facing brand that extensively uses the illustrative work of Peter Grundy and customised font from Dalton Maag.

This is just a few of the range of projects undertaken by The Team to help push Ubuntu further into the limelight and help broaden the appeal of the operating system for those seeking an alternative to the norm.



Ubuntu One

A series of illustrated slides I created in the style of Peter Grundy that introduced Ubuntu's cloud service, called 'One'. It was originally built as an HTML carousel by Jake Archibald (view a version of it here), with all the individual parallaxing into place and locking into the finished compositions.


Ubuntu Install

When installing the operating system onto your computer, a series of screens slide in front of you, introducing you to all of the things you'll be able to do once the install is complete. Each screen had an original Peter Grundy illustration, as well as the ability to 'peel' it away to reveal a screenshot of the application in question.



Canonical wanted to create a series of applications that could come pre-installed with their OS, and so at The Team, we designed and built both the default Music Player and the Photo Gallery applications.