Stephen Waller
Stephen Waller

TT International


Client: TT International
Agency: Potato
Role: Concept, Design & Art Direction

TT International are an independent asset manager based in London, New York and Hong Kong.
They came to Potato looking for a way to invigorate their brand online. Lumbered with an awkward, impenetrable and dated website, they wanted to stand out from the Financial crowd, and position themselves as a forward thinking and creatively-minded company.






TT wanted to move their site away from the boring and staid look they had before and create a new experience that although spoke to their more conservative financial roots, looked to present themselves in a more modern and dynamic way.


We came up with a concept that used a view of The City from their own window, and used the scrolling in that site as a springboard into further content deeper into the site. As the user scrolls, the video playing behind the site speeds up and slows down, to give the impression of London in timelapse.




Once the user has moved beyond the homepage, we wanted the rest of the site to be very clean, and largely rely on black and white imagery. We reserved the orange and green of their styleguide for interaction states, and kept everything else as stripped back as possible. At the top of each main section, we wanted a large splash image that would fill the screen, before the user scrolls down to view the content below.




To create a suite of images we could use across the site, we hired photographer Sean Ebsworth Barnes to walk around The City and take images that would allow the aspect ratio to place text to the right or above a focal point within the photo.




Because the content of the site is very heavily text based, we wanted to make sure that information and articles would be clear of distraction, but also easily allow the user to find and discover more sources of insight that the company has. They also wanted to clearly tie their Financial Advisors to the articles they were writing, so we made use of new photography we commissioned for each employee within TT to make for a more personal touch.