Stephen Waller
Stephen Waller

Round - Mobile Money App

iOS & Website App
Agency: SomeOne/Else
Role: Design, Concept Animation

Round was a Russian mobile app that allowed users to send money to anyone at any given time, whether they also use the app or not. Focusing on simplicity, the app aimed to make the payment process as uncomplicated and intuitive as possible, as well as helping users keep a track of their finances over time, and budget for future payments.

A massive project, the app was ever evolving in user experience as well as design. Many iterations were created, animated and tested to arrive at the best experience for the public. The notion of the payment system was that all transactions should occur 'converstionally', so that when paying someone, they were sent in a context similar to sending a text message. In that way, a 'dialogue' is created around money. Mobile and desktop versions were created, and we also created several rounds of branding to help nurture the look and feel of the app until a branding agency was brought on board to create the final mark.


Storyboarding concepts


Initial design concepts

Brand designs


The mobile version


The desktop version


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