Stephen Waller
Stephen Waller



Client: Accenture
Agency: SomeOne/Else
Role: Design & Animation

A variety of projects completed for Accenture. The first was to revamp Accenture's gigantic interactive wall in their customer centre. Conceived as a part of a day long workshop, the wall was designed to show how Accenture could help whatever visiting business increase their revenue.

The marketing collateral surrounding this experience was designed by our sister branding agency, SomeOne. Each visitor would receive a pack with their very own customised 'pattern' that was generated from various pieces of data about their business. At the end of the day, they would receive a solid 3D printed object that was built from the data they had supplied throughout the course of the day.



Pattern Builder

The Pattern Builder allows the visitors to each create their own customised pattern, which is then applied across their entire experience. I built an example of how this could work, and what sort of assets could be produced from it. From the website above, to the likes of mugs, mouse mats and wall stickers.


The Wall

The interactive wall, which stands roughly 10ft high and 40ft wide, essentially creates a timeline of the visiting business. Visitors are then encouraged to enter onto the wall their various business goals, and then discuss with Accenture how they could best be implemented with their help.

The wall was largely built and basically coded, but Accenture wanted to bring more life and interest to the interface, instead of just the solid blocks they had in place already. We designed and animated how the experience could be reimagined which was then implemented by the coding team.


The new timeline and established goals were then formed into a piece of Data Visualisation Art, which could then be 3D printed and sent to the client a few weeks after the workshop day.